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my surprise viral post


Looking back on the week that has just past, whilst preparing my head for the week ahead, I have to smile about the totally unexpected, but probably not surprising thing that happened this week.

As I always do on a Wednesday (creature of habit, who me?) I started the morning setting myself up for a full painting day and switched on one of my favourite podcasts, Glennon Doyle's 'We Can Do Hard Things'. This podcast is kinda my weekly therapy. It never fails to entertain whilst also covering the hard issues we humans often have to deal with. I'm sure I've recommended it to you before. This week's episode was titled 'How to Fix Our Loneliness' with Dr. Marisa G. Franco who has written a NY Times bestselling book called Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help you Make-and Keep Friends. I knew this episode would probably ring true with me...I'm an introvert. I work from home. I like my own company, but I didn't realise the strength of feelings it would bring up. As soon as I finished listening I immediately was drawn to make the post below.

As soon as I posted this I had a vulnerability freak-out and seriously considered deleting it right away...what if everyone thought I was just a weirdo? Ahhhh! I resisted though, threw my phone across the counter and took the dogs out for a walk. When I returned I was amazed by the comments that had started to slowly appear and the steady rise of 'likes' for the post. Instagram 'friends' (lovely, but have never met most of them) sent me wonderful direct messages of support and so many people shared that they felt the same way. I was honestly blown away. I know I probably shouldn't have been totally surprised, that in a community of arty types that they would also be in this place, we all love hiding out in our creative spaces, but it truly warmed my heart.

I guess we often fall in to the trap of feeling that we are the only ones who don't have lots of friends. It was always seen as a shameful thing #billynomates, but perhaps it is more that our own insecurities are keeping us from having friendships with a lot of wonderful people. Taking that step to be vulnerable and chancing rejection might be that risk worth taking x

Sending love to all of you lovely people out there hiding under your rocks x

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