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After all these years of painting and selling paintings, it still blows me away when someone chooses to have one of my pieces in their homes.  I know wall space is limited and our homes are such important places to us.  How we decorate our homes defines how we feel in those spaces and says something about us as a person.  

I appreciate that choosing an artwork to have in your home is a big decision and not one that is made lightly.  If I can help you at all with that process I would be glad to.  If you live in Melbourne, I am happy to deliver work to you to try in your home.  If it doesn't work, no worries.  I want you to love your painting and I want it to bring you joy. 

If you live interstate I am happy to ship a painting to you.  I have sold many paintings throughout Australia, and even as far away as London and New York.  They have all made the journey safe and sound.

If you have any questions at all please do just get in touch and we can chat.  

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Tel: +61 438 243937

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