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Thank you so much for being here.  You have no idea how happy it makes me that you are here, looking at my website, because you have enjoyed looking at my truly means the world to me.


I created this page because I realise what a big decision buying a piece of art to have in your home is, particularly if you are considering doing this online.  You may have a lot of questions to ask so that you feel happy doing do.  I want you to know that I am absolutely available to ease your purchase in the best possible way.

I have now sold and shipped so many paintings throughout Australia, where I currently live and to countries all over the world and I am so happy to share that I have never received one negative response when a client receives their piece...on the contrary most say that their painting has exceeded their expectations.

Below I thought I would share answers to commonly asked questions and how the process of a painting purchase might work.


You have seen a painting you love what do you do next.

There is so much to consider when buying a painting for your home.

Will the painting fit in the space I am thinking of?  Will the painting work with other decor in my home? 


Let me help you envisage the painting in your home

It is true artwork does not need to match your sofa or cushions, but I myself understand that it is important for an art piece to fit with the feeling of my home.  I also understand how daunting it can be to make this kind of decision, particularly if it is a large piece, but I can help!  I have helped many clients over the years to choose the right piece for their home.  Clients have sent me photos of the wall where they are hoping to hang to painting and I am able to create an artist impression on Photoshop of the painting in their space.  I also have specialist software that is able to give an impression in a variety of spaces with the ability to change the colour of these spaces if that is something you are considering at home.  Send me a message and let me help you.

How to buy a painting that is exhibiting at a gallery


You have seen a painting you love, but my website tells you that it is currently exhibiting at a gallery and you don't live anywhere near the gallery. 


Please don't let that put you off. 


All of the galleries I exhibit with are very happy to deliver your chosen painting to you, locally, interstate and internationally.   I have built wonderful relationships with the owners of all the galleries throughout the years, ALL of whom approached me to exhibit with them.  My primary reason for exhibiting with these galleries is to give YOU the peace of mind that I take my art business seriously.  My paintings are of the highest quality, created using professional paints, canvases & frames.  These galleries have sold and shipped many of my works across the globe.

All available paintings on my website have gallery details linked to them, but if you would prefer to contact me directly I would be very happy to assist you in the process.  We are happy to arrange for quotations for shipping or as I mentioned above help you envisage your chosen painting in your space.

Do you ship paintings internationally?


Shipping your chosen painting to you is no problem at all.  I have a lot of experience shipping paintings of all sizes to London, New York, Singapore, Germany & Japan.  I use an independent business who specialises in packing and shipping artwork internationally.  They collect the painting from me, pack it using appropriate packing materials and ship using couriers stretched and framed so that it is ready to hang as soon as it arrives with you.  Touch wood, not one painting has ever been lost or damaged in transit, but this is not something you would need to worry about as I cover the risk should this unfortunate situation occur.  

Your quote for international shipping

Should you request a quote for shipping I will send you details for packing and delivery from my shipping company.  I completely understand that the cost of shipping can often be a deterrent and appreciate that it can be quite is everything at the moment, (have you seen the price of chocolate!!), but please don't be afraid to ask if you are considering a painting.  It is often not as bad as you might imagine and I really don't mind if this does affect your decision.  I do believe Australian art is very competitively priced when compared to the price of paintings in the US or the UK, so the cost of shipping may not be as much of a game changer.

Taxes and Duties

When importing artwork from overseas you may be charged import taxes or duties when it arrives into your country.  You as the customer will be responsible for these charges and they do vary depending on the particular customs and excise rules.  Again I have found that the amount that other clients of mine have not been large and certainly haven't prevented them from sometimes returning to me for additional paintings.

I would love to buy one of your paintings, but I feel too daunted to add such an expensive purchase to a basket and pay.

Believe me I totally get that...I know it can be a big and scary decision to purchase online, especially with all the potential scammers looking to trick us these days.  I am hoping that by offering you the chance to follow along my art making journey through Instagram and by subscribing to my newsletters you will feel you know me better and can feel more comfortable in your decision.  If you don't yet follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter you should..sign up at the bottom of the page.  By working with established galleries who exhibit my work in their shop spaces, at art fairs and online I am also hoping this will aid your comfort in your purchase.  I want you to feel totally happy with your art work.  I am happy to send your through more photographs and perhaps close up video if that helps.

My galleries keep me pretty busy, but I do like to have a limited number of pieces available to purchase through my studio website, that does ask you to add to basket, but this is really only as a method for taking payment online.  Please do get in touch with me directly before you add to basket.  Ask all the questions, ask for a mock up of a painting in your home, get a quote for shipping if you are overseas.  If you do buy directly from me know that you are keeping this 'starving' artist in chocolate as I don't have gallery commission to pay on these! 


I'm always available to answer your queries, whether that be through email or through a Zoom call if that would help. 

+61 438 243937

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