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This is me

Sitting down to write this, the song from The Greatest Showman immediately comes to mind, so I am going to be brave and share some things about the real me.

  • I am an artist…so proud to be able to call myself this.

  • I am a partner to the gorgeous Brooke, so grateful.

  • I am a mother to 3 wonderful adults and step mum to 1 great kid.

  • I have lived in Melbourne, Australia, for the last 14 years, but grew up in London, UK.

  • I adore the theatre, particularly musicals.

  • I love going to see live music and have been to nearly 50 amazing concerts over the years…Bon Jovi at 19 is still my favourite.

  • I have been alive for 52 years so far.

  • I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. 

  • Both my parents are from Dublin, Ireland, though I was born and always lived in London.

  • All my family live in the UK and I miss them all the time.

  • I have always loved creating, but didn’t study art until my 30s, when my kids were all at school.

  • I couldn’t decide which creative profession I wanted to go into, because I wanted to do them all....Costume Design, Theatre Design, Graphic Design, Textile Design, Typography.  I chose Fine Art because it was the only one offered part-time and I could fit it around my kids.

  • I have been painting for 13 years.

  • My haven is my studio in my garden and I paint most days.

  • I enjoy painting abstractly as a kind of meditation.

  • I love painting big paintings the best, because you can put your whole body into it.

  • I used to paint figuratively, but changed to get out of my head.

  • My work explores light, home & belonging.

  • I am inspired by creative people from all fields, particularly music and design.

  • I paint in layers as a reflection of us humans - none of us are just what is shown on the surface…we are all accumulations of life experiences…good and not so good.

  • I believe there is beauty in our imperfections.

  • I am a recovering perfectionist and a recovered people pleaser (nearly) haha x

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