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The goal when I am creating is to paint with freedom. It is always my hope that this feeling will show through my paintings and inspire the viewer to feel the same. Because I have always been inspired by individuals and the bravely quirky it is important to me that my paintings are unique, so each painting is only ever painted once, from a feeling born in a moment in time.  


For the last few years my work has focused on the combination of pattern and botanical shapes.  I was mystified for some time as to why this particular combination, as my work is rarely preplanned, but I have deduced that my love of textiles and interior design have long since been the inspiration behind these choices.   I am particularly drawn to the juxtaposition between the orderly/formal shapes found in pattern alongside the untamed abstract representations of nature. This combination speaks to me of our internal conflict and our attempt to control and structure our lives, whilst also recognising the inevitable surrender we face and the breaking through of our true nature.  


My colour palette does vary, but is usually consistent within a series of work. I always paint the colours that make my heart sing and find they often nod to nostalgia or reminiscence to seemingly simpler times . The paintings evolve in layers and to me don’t feel they become their true selves until there is depth and history within multiple layers.  The interest comes in the detail and how the layers react to each other and work together.  


To me, this time in existence feels like a time of great change. We have been living with duality for many centuries….chaos & calm, light & dark, structure & wilderness, the head & the heart, the masculine & the feminine, to name but a few.  All of these are represented in my paintings and it is my hope to evoke an appreciation for how these elements harmonise, rather than fight against each other. I feel that perhaps it is time in the world to embrace the beauty in each of these differences and visualise how when we can work together for a better world for us all x

Amanda Ketterer is a Melbourne based abstract artist whose immersive paintings evoke a sense of freedom, not only in the artist as she creates, but also beckoning the audience to experience the same.

Amanda has been creating and selling her work in Australia and throughout the world for the last 15 years.  She is represented by galleries in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, The Hunter Valley and London, UK.


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