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In the studio week 6

Hanging day at Watershed Gallery!

This week lots of new paintings travelled all the way up to the Hunter Valley region in New South Wales to the gorgeous Watershed Gallery in Pokolbin. If you are ever in that neck of the woods it is definitely worth a stop. This stunning space is run by a fantastic couple, Lyn & Ron Hammond, who purpose built this gorgeous space. Every time I see my work on their big white walls it takes my breath away x

If you would like to see stunning work by all the other artists they represent take a look at their instagram @watershedgalleryaus x


Beach Blanket Babylon

Also this week, I have released my latest large abstract painting. Painting big is my favourite thing. I just love the way the size of the canvas on the wall allows so much more freedom of movement when painting. These large abstracts do take more time though so I only finish about 3-4 of these biggies each year. This latest large piece, Beach Blanket Babylon, I absolutely love. If I had a wall big enough I would keep this for myself. It fills me with such lightness and feelings of Summer joy. Do you have a spare wall that needs some summer joy? (153cm x 153cm incl. oak frame)


Attempting to spread Joy

Last year I had a bit of a breakthrough with my thinking towards art marking….difficult times often lead to introspection…and I did spend a lot of time reflecting on why and what I paint…for me abstract painting is an attempt to portray a feeling or emotion. I don’t arrive in the studio with any preconceived ideas of what I am going to paint…I turn up and I paint, whatever I am feeling and want to express in that day.

In the miserable times we were living, I decided why not paint what I want to feel instead of what we are all actually feeling? It has always been my aim to send joyful work out into the world, in the hope it lifts the spirits of the viewer, so that has been my goal. I started the Joy series…you may have seen a few. The first paintings in this series mainly focused on the colour red. This latest group of small ‘Joy’ works focuses on the joy in blue. One Blue Joy has already flown overseas to join one of its Red Joys :) This makes me happy x If you need a small blue joy in your life I have 3 left x


Remember if you have any questions at all or need any other details please send me an email. I’m happy to send more images and sometimes videos if that helps. Shipping is included in the price within Australia and I am happy to get quotes for overseas shipping.

Thank you again for all your support as always x

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