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Creating a gallery wall

One of our current Iso projects is creating a gallery wall in our living room. With one large painting over the fireplace, we have been gathering together a combination of smaller artworks from artists we love, prints and family photographs to fill the rest of the space. We have opted for a dark navy blue for the walls in our living room. As a mid-century weatherboard it lends itself really well to an eclectic style. We want our house to feel like a lived-in home that reflects both our varied lives, neither one of us wants to stick with one, well-behaved look, because that's just not us.

There are so many great images on Pinterest showing rooms with this style for inspiration. I love that they can be fun and so individual, truly reflect the personalities of the home owners.

Our walls waiting for our collection

Pinterest Inspiration

Whilst planning this room I have found artworks for sale through the artists I follow on instagram and posters and objects from some great online shops. You really can find everything you need online these days and delivered direct to the door. For paintings and large prints I would recommend professional framing, but smaller prints, photos and postcards can be framed in less expensive options. Ikea have a great variety. Here is a great blog post from The Affordable Art Fair on just this subject! It gives great tips for how best to create your own gallery wall. HERE

Small paintings for small spaces

Whilst this time at home has been challenging in many ways, it also has afforded us the opportunity to spend time in our homes and and really appreciate them. I don't live in a house with lots of large wall spaces, so painting hanging space is limited. This has forced me to consider painting smaller paintings to fill smaller spaces. I have painted quite a number of 60cm x 60cm paintings recently and this weekend finished some smaller panels, just 30cm x 30cm. These are unframed and I think would really cool as part of a gallery wall or in smaller wall spaces. Here are a few below that I will be adding to my website for sale in the next day or so if you are interested. Some are great for a colour pop, some more muted if you prefer a calmer scheme. I swing between the two haha.

All new works are offered to my subscribers first, so sign up on my website if you would like to see new work as it becomes available x Sign me up

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