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bold. colourful. imperfect.

I was recently very flattered to be featured by Shannon Fitzpatrick on her SKF Gallery Insta page. Shannon asked me some great questions that I thought I would share with you.

'This Monday's Artist in three words: Bold. Colourful. Imperfect.

Q: Perfection is an illusion and many of us have been ensnared by her trap; seeking and searching for something that doesn't even exist. We set ourselves up for guaranteed failure. So when I asked Amanda about her ability to embrace the imperfect and let go, I was touched by her honest and earnest answer.

A: "Beauty in imperfection. As a recovering perfectionist I have done a lot of personal work on the subject of perfection. Even though we know perfection is unattainable we are lured to strive for it. I believe that when we try to live life with perfection in mind we are living with restraints and without freedom. Who gets to decide what perfect is? If we strive to be perfect we are not living as our authentic, beautiful selves. It did take me a long time to become comfortable living and making art this way, perhaps age and life experience helps, but if I hadn't I don't think I would ever have been brave enough to put paintings out into the world".

Q: How brave and beautiful the souls of creatives are! We would do well to emulate their vulnerability. I wondered what advice Amanda had for other artists starting out, as it must be daunting to approach an empty canvas and create something from nothing. What trust!

A: "The advice I would give to artists starting out is to be brave enough to be a beginner. The art we make in the beginning probably doesn't look like the art we would like to make. Have faith that if you keep going, continuing to make art it will eventually become something you are proud to produce. There are no shortcuts, but the journey really is all the fun."

Q: When I enquired how creativity has helped Amanda in her life her response resonated with me.

A: "Over the years creativity has helped me to become brave enough to be myself. The lessons learnt through art making are very similar to the lessons we learn through life. As an artist you spend a lot of time alone, in front of the canvas, reflecting on your own thoughts. You come face to face with yourself and through the process discover who you are. You are constantly challenged to learn self-acceptance and to fight self-doubt. You learn to appreciate contrast and embrace differences. I believe our unique likes and foibles truly are our superpowers."

Q: What would you be if you weren't doing your current job?

A: "If i wasn't an artist I would love to be a musician. I am so inspired by the depth of feeling great musicians can induce in us. I would love to be able to do that through my paintings. One of my favourite hobbies is going to live music events. I have been to over 50 concerts over the years, my favourite is still Bon Jovi at Wembley Arena, London in 1989. Jon Bon Jovi still had long hair then! :)

Q: My interview with this Monday's Artist garnered such wonderful information about Amanda Ketterer. She always had an active imagination, however she didn't become an active artist until she was in her 30's.

A: "Once my three children were at school I went back to uni to study art and design and then a degree in Fine Art. I really wanted to become a costume or fashion designer, but Fine Art was the only degree I could take part-time, that would work around my children, so I did that. I never imagined I'd be a painter."

Her bold colours and images are what originally caught my eye and just brought me joy. I asked her where she finds her inspiration and what her process is, as I am always curious how creatives tap into their voice - The answers to these questions are as unique as the artist.

A: "I am always paying attention to the things I like around me, the colours I'm drawn to, patterns and shapes and feelings. I never start a painting knowing how it will look at the end. I show up to paint and I go with whatever feeling comes to me at that time. I am currently inspired by the feelings in colour, interior design, and vintage design classics. I love textiles and clothes, but am mostly intrigued by how those things make you feel. I mainly paint in acrylic paint on canvas using brushes and palette knives. My painting are built in multiple layers, up to 20 layers, more sometimes. Each layer is developed reacting to the previous layer. I keep painting until I feel it is complete."

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Amanda Ketterer and the art she shares with the world. As she mentioned in our interview, "We look at paintings, listen to music, watch theatre and film because of the way they make us feel. They are the things we go to for comfort and joy, now more than ever." Be well!

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