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art in the time of lockdown

Studio experiments on panel - 30 x 30cm

Isn't this strange!? And even more so that we are all going through the same thing at the same time. When has that ever happened to the whole world?

Even though I am an introvert, who LOVES being at home, I am struggling with this new normal. My studio is at home and my home is my sanctuary, but I am finding it hard to carry on doing all the things I usually do. The last couple of years, I have spent my art time working towards the next show. Always having the next show booked and a goal to aim for. I do work quite well to a deadline...i find it stops me overthinking. If you had told me that I would have time off from the hustle this year, time to just paint for the sake of painting, time to explore and experiment, I would have absolutely loved that idea. I had been struggling with the rush and pressure to perform and produce in a certain way. I had been craving a simpler life, with more joy.

During this time in isolation I have coped by doing lots of different things for a short amount of time. No pressure to finish or achieve. Projects that I haven't made time for in a while. I love to read and hadn't managed to finish a book in so long. I also love making other things, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking and decorating the house, all of which have been put on the back burner. I am going into the studio most days for a few hours, but it does feel different. I feel more freedom in the work I am painting. Who knows when, what or how the world will be once this time has past. Now I am just painting what I feel the need to paint...for me...not for anyone else. Isn't that the way painting should be?! Hahaha. Some days are good...somedays it all feels a bit pointless. I am part of a few different artist community groups and many are rushing to maximise their 'art business' during this lull and be ahead of the game somehow. Perhaps I should be doing that, but if I am honest that doesn't feel right for me right now. I think it would somehow be terribly sad to come out of this experience and just pick up the hustle where we left off. I feel there has to be more to learn from this time of isolation and unwinding. The most important thing to me seems to be being kinder to yourself. Do what you love doing as often as you can.

What I am loving doing

Book I am reading - Untamed by Glennan Doyle

Podcast I am listening to - Letters from a Hopeful Creative

Project I am making - Knitting a scarf (whilst watching Doctor Foster)

What I am learning - working my way through a Complete Photoshop workshop on CreativeLive

Jigsaw we are working on - Frida in Paradise

What I am painting - Experiments on panel (images above) and some other bigger ones

What I have been cooking - Jam Shortbread tray bake

I hope you are managing this as best you can and that you are staying safe xx

Something on the go..not sure where it's going safe x

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