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Hello everyone  How are you going?  Are you managing to stay half-sane?    If, like me, you are in another week of lockdown, are you managing to find some things to keep yourself going?  I hope so.  It's tougher this time isn't it. x This week, I have totally fallen off the self-care wagon...the morning yoga/meditation routine, the Fitbit steps and the Noom diet have gone completely out of the window, but these are tough times and that's okay.  We are binge-watching the whole 16 seasons of Greys Anatomy (for the 3rd time...I know slightly embarrassing, but I don't care) and have also been baking (and eating) and baking (and eating). The wagon has completely crashed, but we are good.  Life is still good!    Creativity has been an anchor for me in this time of uncertainty.  We can't control the big things, but we do get to control how we think about it all and making new things does seem to bring a bit of hope going forward.  I have signed up for a few online learn some new stuff, but they are a bit like vegetables...if you buy them you have to actually eat them haha.  

I have been painting..a lot. Having my studio in the garden has been a lifesaver.  This has been a time for reflection and quite a bit of creative turmoil. Yes, painting has saved me in many ways, but these weird times we are living in do force us to face all kinds of demons..the ones we usually avoid with ‘busy’. I have been torn between the argument in my head that says surely there has never been such a time where painting seems so pointless. The world is literally on fire and how do I spend my time?...and the world is so awful the least you can do is try and make it better..even in such a small way. Here are a few paintings I have on the go in the studio...none of these are finished, but they feel to me like a new direction.  They are inspired by patchwork landscapes of home...the layers of life and the stories within these layers.  I am missing my parents, sisters and brother on the other side of the world and am starting to wonder when I will get to see them again...though trying not to dwell too much.

I am grateful that in this time I have been able to carry on working as I usually do.  I am still able to carry on doing my part-time job, working from home for a local holiday rentals business near where I live, doing social media, marketing and website development and painting sales have been amazing (who would have guessed?!)  I saw this post the other day and laughed out loud, but it's weird, people really are still buying art....thank goodness haha.

I hope you don't mind me checking in to see if you are okay. I hope you and your families are all doing okay.  Stay safe x

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