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New Artwork for The Other Art Fair Melbourne!

My studio has felt as hectic as a pressure test for the final of Masterchef this last few weeks...the pressure on to create work that I am proud of for the upcoming The Other Art Fair Melbourne. I applied to take part in this show in September 2017 and was so excited to be accepted in April. Since then I have been flat out painting.

Outside the studio life has been challenging in so many ways,as life often is, but I have managed to stay focused on this goal and am SO proud of the work I have produced. Perhaps the added pressure has helped me to paint without overthinking and directly from the never know :)

I do hope you will be able to come down and visit me on Stand No. 57, The Facility, Kensington from 2nd-5th August 2018. There will be work by so many talented artists who, if they are anything like me, will have also been knocking themselves out to prepare for this show...all in the hope that they can make their dreams come true, working as an artist.

Amanda Ketterer Studio Shot
A snapshot of my studio this week with some of the work finished for the show

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