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Sitting down down to write these blog posts always forces me to pause and and reflect on what I am feeling...what do I want to share? Who cares really? It seems to me that every time we start a new week there is another issue or event in the world that will disturb our peace. Though I am guilty of avoiding the news as much as possible, I do believe it is important to remain in touch with all the current issues, if only to empathise and support those who are fighting for their life of peace.

Through these last few difficult years I have continually had to remind myself that what I do has value. That putting paintings out into the world is enough. The only way I could resolve this feeling was deciding that my aim is to put good vibes out into the world. It is my hope that the colours I share will uplift those who engage with them. That these paintings will remind others that there are still good things happening and happy days. I paint the colours that make me feel uplifted and free. I paint the things I love. I share them in the hope someone will enjoy them x

Today I have added a few new paintings to my website that I want to share. This is a series I have been working on the last couple of months. They are inspired by a photo of an apartment I saw on Instagram so I have proved my point that beauty does inspire. This decor in this apartment stopped me in my scrolling tracks and made my heart sing. Isn't it funny how certain things just stop us in our tracks. This post reminded me how much I am drawn to the colours of Northern European interior design. I particularly love the colours used in Scandinavian interiors. Perhaps it is the reminiscent Northern light that reminds me of 'home', that is my home in England. It is very easy right now to reminisce as a way of escape, but I feel it is also very important for us to look for and take notice the things that uplift us and make our hearts sing. The beauty in life really is in the small things x I hope you will love this new work as much as I have enjoyed being surrounded by it in the studio.

Credit: Instagram account pippilottaaushamburg

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