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Great Fun at the Fair...when's the next one?

Well I have just about recovered from my first time exhibiting at The Other Art Fair Melbourne. It was totally exhausting, but such an amazing experience. It was so wonderful to have the chance to interact with the viewers of my work and see who actually likes it. All the visitors were so lovely and I really appreciated the effort they made to ask about and to tell me how much they loved my heart warming. The organisers and the other exhibitors were also amazingly helpful and friendly. I felt I had made proper friends by the end of the 4 days.

I went into this fair not really expecting to

make huge sales, more as a way to make contacts and be part of the art world, but I was lucky enough to sell 6 pieces to truly gorgeous buyers. I am thinking of applying for Sydney 2019 now :) yikes!

This is what my stand looked like! Happy to answer any questions if you are thinking of trying yourself xx

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