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Courageously keeping going

Hello everyone

This morning I was up at 6.15, to get back on the horse with my morning yoga/meditation routine.  It was light at 6.15am, which was so nice and it wasn’t freezing!  You would think that would have started the day off well, but it didn’t.  Re-starting this routine was my plan to drag myself out of the doldrums, but I then got into an annoying messaging tete a tete with a friend/art colleague, which then threw me off my planned calm/organised course for the day.  If I am honest I have felt lately a bit like a salmon swimming upstream against all the negativity that surrounds us right now…we are all struggling and feeling such resistance to our current situations, particularly with all the turmoil going on in the world.   

It is funny, I have read many art books over the years on the subject of resistance, but my favourite, by far, wasThe War of Art by Steven Pressfield...and it is not just for artists.  Pressfield believes that we all have a part of ourselves that is unrealised—a dream or calling that encompasses our true selves.  But many of us struggle to live those lives and what stops us is something called resistance. Artists who don’t create art, innovators who don’t innovate, and healthy people who live unhealthy lives are all losing their battles with resistance. War of Art talks of resistance as the enemy of achievement, with it's sole purpose to repel us from fulfilling our potential. Resistance is not an external force, but an enemy existing inside us.  We create it and perpetuate it, regardless of external struggles.

Resistance is only activated by pursuits that gratify our higher calling and lead to long-term growth and good health. Some examples of these types of pursuits are the following:

  • Any creative art: writing, dance, film, music, visual art, and performance art

  • Entrepreneurial endeavours, such as a new business venture, an invention, or a non-profit organisation

  • Health pursuits, like diets or workout regimens

  • Spiritual or religious awakenings

  • Activities aimed to break habits or overcome addiction

  • Educational pursuits

  • Social and political action, especially those motivated by moral or ethical values

  • Philanthropic endeavours

  • Personal and emotional growth, including commitments to relationships

  • Behaviours that oppose adversity, especially those requiring courage

I mention this book because I feel this time is the ultimate time of resistance.  We are resisting this change to our lives, even though we would probably recognise that change was necessary, it is never easy.  We are being forced to re-evaluate our lives and the world we live in on a grand scale. 

Yes, these are tough times and it may feel like there is pressure to turn our lives around, make changes and thrive right now, but there is no rush.  Much as we hate to admit it, this period will probably be more of a marathon than a sprint, so we need to be kind to ourselves and conserve our strength.  It is also okay to just survive and to mull over our ideas and ponder our dreams.  The right things will come to us when we are ready.  Of course when they do appear you will then have to decide whether the reluctance you may feel towards pursuing them is justified or whether it is resistance, rearing its ugly head and holding you back from living your unrealised dreams....  

Things that make you feel better x

Clean your space...the excuse I keep telling myself of why clean? one is coming over! is not really working now that we have been in iso for virtually 6 months haha...I think I'm going to have to clean.... 

Eat Something may be a novelty haha.

Play great is always my saviour.  It can definitely turn my mood around when I am feeling a bit flat.  Music totally influences my work too. I have certain playlists I play when I am creating...some songs come up all the time

Light some candles or use some essential oils in a diffuser

Sleep a little...taking a nap during the day is not just for Nannas...a lot of my friends have mentioned not sleeping well at night's okay to catch up a bit in the day if you need to...especially in a deck chair, with a good book.

Breathe...Drop your shoulders...breathe all the way in until your lungs are filled...hold it there for a few moments and then let it all out again, hold empty for a few moments...repeat until the tension leaves.


Podcast of the week

This week I have been loving listening to How to Fail with Elizabeth Day.  Elizabeth Day interviews some really interesting people, who share their mistakes and challenges in life and how it has helped them become stronger.  I particularly love these interviews as they really do show that even the people we think have life all together, really don't, and that's okay x

This episode with Gloria Steinem was great xLink here



Thank you to the wonderful people who have recently bought my work x

I hope you have a wonderful week x take care and be kind to yourself x Amanda

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