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Do You Believe in the Power of Energy

Do you believe in the power of energy? That excited feeling you have inside when life feels good. Some of you may be thinking oh no, this is all a load of woo woo nonsense, but is it really?

I can understand that it is easy to be sceptical, with all the talk lately of manifesting and dreaming your way into the life you want, especially if you are a person with more of a science based mindset. When it comes to energy though it is hard to argue against the facts that what you turn your thoughts and energy towards does tend to produce results, whether that be negative or positive outcomes. If we live in a constant state of fear and worry it may not mean that we are necessarily manifesting bad situations, but perhaps that energy spent worrying about situations that you can’t change is distracting you from your real work towards something great. Now I am not belittling the real life problems of many in the world…my heart and love goes out to anyone who is struggling…life is not at all easy right now and neither am I not claiming to be an expert on anything, simply sharing my own thoughts and discoveries along this journey through this crazy life.

Just over two weeks ago I was feeling particularly low and lacking purpose myself. January and February are tough in the art world, every year, and though we know through years of experience that is the way it is, these are the months of the year when it is hard not to question whether it’s possible to carry on painting and still pay the bills. When I have these low times I have my go to list of things that help me lift my energy again. I have been seeing a wonderful Kinesiologist for the past 3-4 years as part of my personal development. You will need to Google what a Kinesiologist does, because I have no idea how to explain what happens in my sessions. I think my Kinesiologist uses a combination of therapies in her practice, Kinesiology, Reiki, Crystals & Aromatherapy. All I know is that I often arrive feeling one way and often leave feeling totally different…uplifted and motivated. Whatever it is it is totally worth the $120 for the session. Of course I recognise that it is a privilege to be able to pay for any kind of therapy, but I don't earn a lot of money and this is important to me.

Anyway to get to my point, after my last appointment I almost skipped back to my car, feeling inspired and motivated to take action. Since then 7 paintings have gone to new homes! One is currently on its way to Denver, Colorado. I am blown away and so happy. You may argue that it is just a coincidence and perhaps that is true, but if I had listened to my negative energy I never would have put these paintings out into the world. I may have decided this art business is just too hard, given in and decided to started to look for other work. These painting sales not only mean that I can now order more canvases and carry on painting for the few months ahead, it has also renewed the excited feeling I need inside to create the work I want to share. Below are a few things I do to try and keep my energy light x

The things I do to keep my energy light

  • I see a kinesiologist for personal development and have been for a few years. She has helped me recognise and clear my limiting beliefs

  • I listen to podcasts and books with positive action messages

  • I take yoga classes that encourage personal growth

  • I recognise the things that bring me joy and give me that good feeling…even the small things and make time for these each day…even if it is only a nice coffee in a favourite mug

  • I read inspiring books about people who have overcome adversity

  • I watch documentaries about people who inspire me, from all fields not just art. I believe we are all creative in our own ways and I am interested to know how people manage to keep sharing their light in the world.

  • I try not to surround myself with things that affect my energy in a negative way, like bad news and TV shows and films.

  • I try and create an environment in my home and work space that feels good to be in. I have no wish to live in a showroom, perfect type of house. I want to live and work somewhere that feels good to be in.

The things I know I need to work on to improve

  • Cut back on the sugar that I eat…still a habit I need to curb.

  • Get out in nature more often. I know I prioritise ‘working’ too much and don’t make enough time to go outside, even though I am so embarrassed to admit that I am so lucky to live a 5 minute walk from the beach.

  • Spend less time on my phone

  • Spend more time doing yoga and meditation

  • I know my home needs more work…I have too much ‘stuff’ and this is currently affecting my energy in the space. I feel the need to have another clear out very soon.

I saw this quote that resonated with me this week

‘People aren’t longing to be impressed,

They are longing to feel like they are home.

If you create a space full of love and character and soul,

they will take of their shoes and curl up with gratitude and rest

No matter how small,

No matter how undone,

No matter how odd’

I want to create art that inspires this feeling in the spaces where it lives x

that is my purpose, for now anyway x

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