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This perfectly imperfect life

This week is a bit crappy...and that's not just me feeling that is it? I have been trying...really trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get my positivity head on, but if I am honest, I am finding it a struggle. Perhaps we are going to have to step up the 'self-care' a bit to get through the next few weeks. Anything that helps us to appreciate the little things and live in the moment will help us feel better.

This year has not gone the way anybody had planned, but it is in our ability to respond and to adapt to our circumstances, that is within our control.

Even when life is far from perfect it is good to remind ourselves that there is a lot of beauty to be found in imperfection.

Things often don’t always go our way or the way we hope, but I find the best things evolve from tough times. The breakthroughs in painting come after a struggle. I believe it is when we show our flaws and rough edges, when we break away from the rules of expectation, that we are at our most vulnerable and most beautiful.

Perhaps if we can embrace imperfection and find ways to bloom where we are planted, for the time being, we can get through this time and maybe even come out stronger.  What have we got to lose x

This week I am releasing some of my study panels for sale. I have sold these in the past from my stand at art shows. No shows this year so I am uploading some onto my shop. They are small, around 30cm x 30cm, though not all perfectly square and are painted in multiple layers on board. They are rough around the edges, very tactile with a lots of layered texture. These panels are what I experiment on whilst I am working. I try out colour and composition combinations. When I have spare paint left over I don't waste it, I add it to a panel. Because they don't have any expectation attached to them I often enjoy these the most.

Previous buyers have had them framed in edge frames or hung them directly on the wall using 3M velcro pads. They look great a few together, as part of a gallery wall collection or individually stood on a cabinet with other ornaments. I have sent them as gifts to family. Anyway I hope you like them x

I hope you have a perfectly imperfect week ahead x

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