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Dream Come True moments

In January, I received the email that I always dreamt of as an artist. THE Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors send ME an email asking if I would like to put a collection of paintings together for Greenhouse Interiors. Anyone who is an interiors addict in Australia will know who Julia Green and her inspiring business Greenhouse Interiors are. I have been following them on socials for years and, if I am honest, I never imagined I would ever receive this email! Take note, dream come true moment Amanda!

Let me tell you I listen to enough inspiring podcasts and read plenty of motivational business books to know that it is so important to take note of these life goal moments and to enjoy them. I know that it is often too easy to let these times slip by without enjoying them to the max. I am afraid to say that I am guilty of this. Yes, I did scream and dance around for a while, but it didn't take long for the panic to set in....the not good enough voices in my head were there ready to start shouting. What if I couldn't produce a set of paintings that were Greenhouse worthy?!! It took me about 6-8 weeks to create the final paintings for the collection and I am SO happy with them. Yes there were tears and tantrums along the way, but often the best paintings only happen this way. No matter how much I remind myself that there will always be the difficult phases within the creation of each painting they do always come through.

The Greenhouse Collection is now out there in the world and you can take a look on the Greenhouse Interiors website here. You can also see them on my website.

I am now working on the next group of paintings, that I am putting together for Watershed Gallery in the Hunter Valley and then it will be full-steam ahead painting for The Affordable Art Fair here in Melbourne in September. It was always my dream to work this way...working in series to send out there into the world. Take note! Dream come true moment Amanda!

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