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Mindset is Everything

Keep shining your light. It’s still worth trying, even though life is feeling harder. It may inspire others not to give up hope and to feel that they can shine their light; the world needs that right now.

Mindset is Everything...that is the learning that has come out of lots of things this last month.

If you read my last blog post you will remember that at the beginning of March I was feeling pretty despondent. I had made next to no painting sales during January and February and although I knew these are historically slow months for sales I was getting into that panicked/scarcity way of thinking. That is not the best place to be for creativity. I was even at the point that I was considering whether I should be looking for other work to supplement my income. In that blog I also talked about how I’d had an epiphany of sorts and total mindset shift and change in energy.

A record sales month!

I am so excited to share with you that during March I had a record sales month, and without a sale! In just over a month I have sold 12 paintings, two of them travelling overseas to the US & UK. I am totally gobsmacked and so grateful. I truly believe that this record month is down to that shift in energy. Not only have sales increased but I’ve also had an unexplained huge surge in social media following, from 15k Insta followers (that had been stagnant for over a year) to over 20k followers, with so many wonderful messages and comments coming through keeping me motivated and inspired. There really are so many wonderful people in the world, strangers that take the time to do this. Don’t believe everything you hear to the contrary.

All off to new homes this month

Resisting the negative stories

Instead of giving into the negativity surrounding us, I reminded myself to keep on breathing into doing my thing and feeling the excitement. I believe lifting our energies helps us to live lives closer to the ones we dream of and that lifting our collective energies can perhaps help towards turning the tide on the current state of the world. x

This sales boost has given me hope and reassurance for the months ahead, knowing that I can carry going doing the work I love. I have ordered a load of new canvases and lots of new works are in progress. I am creating 8 large paintings to be exhibited at a the Affordable Art Fairs in Sydney in June and Melbourne in August, with Soho Galleries, as well as keeping up with work for Greenhouse Interiors and Watershed Gallery.

What has inspired this mindset shift?

Take a look at my last blog if you’d like to read about the things I find useful to keep myself feeling good energetically. You can read it here


I wish I was a surfer

I'm not a surfer, though I sometimes wish I was. Point Break is still one of my fav movies (the original one with Patrick and Keanu of course) . When I moved to Australia nearly 15 years ago I did think trying surfing would be such a cool thing to do, but the Londoner in me can't get past the fear of sharks. I did take one surf lesson at Phillip Island a few years back and loved it, but at my age I think I will now accept that yoga is more my thing. Maybe in the next lifetime.

I have recently been loving watching the Apple TV series Make or Break. This series follows the athletes journey in the World Surf League and I've found it fascinating and so inspiring. Reinforcing the argument I make above, about how mindset is everything, this programme reveals how the ups and downs of confidence life challenges affects how these surfers perform and how when they dedicate themselves to letting go of the pressure and returning to enjoying the waves they perform at their best. Definitely worth a watch for surfers and surf dreamers x


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