gratitude study panels for charity

I do feel very grateful for all that I have this year, particularly with the year we have had.  I have been very fortunate to remain in employment and have been amazingly to still sell my artwork.  I know many others have struggled, particularly this year, and feel it is important to offer help where we can.   

With this in mind I have decided to reduce the price of my Study Panels.  I usually sell these for $200 +P&P each, but I would like to reduce these to $150 +P&P and I will pledge to donate all profits of the sale of these panels to a charity that gives refuge to the homeless.  This is something I have decided I am going to continue going forward with my study panels and will be donating all proceeds to Launch Housing.  Launch Housing is a Melbourne based community organisation committed to ending homelessness here in Melbourne and Victoria.  If you would like to find out more about Launch Housing you can do so at  

Thank you for your support...sharing the love x